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    go back to marker/frame

      i m new to director,
      i have a button called "introduction"
      when i click on it goes to a maker called "intro"
      on that marker frame i have also a "Hold On Frame" behaviour to hold the playhead & let the 30 sec. intro play
      but when the intro ends the playhead remain hold on that frame i want to send playhead on the "mainmenu" marker automaticaly as the intro ends, plz help me thanx...
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          Is this 30 sec intro a video?

          One can setup a score script that loops until the movieTime of a video
          sprite equeals the duration of the video member.

          one could also set up a time that holds the frame for a set time, here's
          an example

          -- score script

          global holdEndTime

          on beginSprite -- works in score scripts
          holdEndTime = the milliseconds + 30000

          on exitFrame
          if holdEndTime > the milliseconds then go to the frame -- keep waiting
          -- otherwise go on to next frame which could contain the go to main