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    playing local FLV from a web server

      I have a client who wants to house the video content and SWF's locally on a few machines to serve as a kind of KISK. The actual HTML resides on a web server and calls the content locally on several identically configured Mac Mini's (Intel) so that they can keep the content from eating up network bandwidth. For some reason, they simply cannot call the local FLV's or SWFs once placed on a web server. It can, however, display local image files which leads me to believe that this is plugin or SWF/FLV content issue. I did try this exact same setup on several mac using the old Motorola chip set. Does anyone have an idea why this would be happening? HELP!
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          derobinson Level 1
          Sounds to me more like a Flash player sandbox issue. I'd suggest reading up on the security policies (they have changed with the latest players). Essentially, you're calling a movie cross-domain, right? You may have to write a policy file.

          Hope that helps!
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            wellcurbs Level 1
            Actually, I don't think it's cross-domain because the FLV is called locally from my machine and the HTML and SWF are on a web server. I was able to test a bit more and found that the Flash 9 player installed on either the old Motorola OR the Intel chipsets will not play local FLV content. I then uninstalled the 9 player (on both machines) and installed an 8 plugin. I can then play the local FLV content on the Motorola machine, however, there is no Univeral Binary version for any Flash plugin prior to the 9 player! Since Firefox 1.5 is now Universal, it won't run in Rosetta! Does anyone have any ideas? I could use them!