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    Corrupted CPD file in RH7 (again)

      I've had this ongoing problem that rears its ugly head every two months. My CPD file continues to corrupt when it reaches 1500 KB. This project was originally built in X5 and then we upgraded to RH7. I initially would compress this file using MS Access. Then when it grew to 1500 KB it would corrupt again. So two months ago I deleted the CPD file and reopened the project using the XPJ file. All the links were broken. I painstakingly fixed all the links over a two-day period- thinking this would fix it once and for all. Now it's corrupted again. What can I do to fix this permanently? Why is it continuing to corrupt? Is it necessary to compress this file periodically?

      I also tried renaming the the CPD and XPJ files and then opening the project using the HHP file. This also leaves the project with many broken links- but maybe these links are broken because RH is not seeing the folders for these topics in RH but they exist in Windows Explorer (I have Peter's instructions on remedying this). Again, my main objective is to find a permanent solution to this problem- if one exists. Thanks-


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          Possible issues (particularly within an individual session):

          Heavy cut & paste operations
          Many Preview instances
          Many generate operations
          Exiting too soon after a generate operation
          Many DHTML operations (popups, etc.)
          Imports (Word, PDF, Excel, etc.), especially with unorthodox formatting
          Many conditional tags
          Shaky source control configuration
          Invasive anti-virus product
          Hidden network-share configurations
          Feature overload (Glossary, browse sequences, drop-downs, expanded text, image maps, etc., etc., etc.)

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            If you have the Technical Communication Suite, at least you'll be able to create a new project without having to recover all those files you describe. Of course, RoboHelp should not be doing what you describe, as it is.

            hwyl fawr
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              Good news! I think I got this fixed. I deleted the CPD and XPJ files and reopened the project using the HHP file. I also deleted a residual folder from X5 that was causing the links to break. So the project rebuilt itself without a single broken link. Still not sure why this is happening in RH7. I'm working off my local drive.


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                Hello Rich -

                Great! So, can you share the name of the folder you deleted?

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                  Well, the folder I deleted was a user-created one that my boss had made. But here is an example: the project had a folder called "Authorizations" in Project Manager. But when I opened the project folder in Explorer, there was the Authorizations folder, but then another duplicate folder with that name was inside a folder called "Online Help". This Online Help folder had just odds and ends thrown in it. What it would do though is cause RH to break the links to the legitimate topics in the Authorizations folder and this folder would not appear when I rebuilt the project. Because this folder existed on two levels, it seemed to confuse RH so it would leave it out all together. When I deleted this unnecessary folder, the project rebuilt without any problems. So I think it's important if you inherit a project to make sure there aren't any residual folders that might conflict with existing ones. Hope this helps-

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                    Hello Rich -

                    Thanks for sharing with the forum! Motto:

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