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    ResourceBundle and MenuBar

      Hi !

      I'm always trying to localize my application.
      Now, i use the ResourceBundle method. Until now, all work fine, except localization of MenuBar items

      <mx:MenuBar height="20" width="134" id="MainDashboardOptionMenuID" labelField="@label">
      ---<mx:XMLList xmlns="">
      ------<menuitem label="{rb.getString('Options')}">
      ---------<menuitem label="{rb.getString('Display')}">
      ------------<menuitem label="{rb.getString('Volume')}" type="check" data="V" />
      ------------...and so on...
      ---------... and so on...
      Using this code, menubar display only "/menuitem" options.
      Il y use label=" thelabel", menubar is correctly displayed.

      <mx:Label text="{rb.getString('Amount')}"/>
      This code works fine.

      Have you an idea ? Can you help me ?

      Thanks a lot !