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    RSS upload

      I've follow the small instructions on enabling RSS feed in CPS. Edited the settings.xml file to reflect relevent settings.

      Contribute is set up fine and all working. I added a user to CPS.

      Added to the 'other services' the RSS url given in the help files.

      I just can't work out how/when CPS actually uploads the RSS file to the server. I've tried opening the 8900 port but nothing.

      What should the <TargetPath> be? As this is a little confusing and may be where I am going wrong?


      Contribute DOES create and correctly add to the RSS file, it just doesn't upload anywhere.

      # Right-click My Computer, and then select Manage.

      The Computer Management dialog box appears.
      # Expand the Services and Applications node, and then select Services.
      # In the right pane, double-click Macromedia Contribute Publishing Services.

      The Properties dialog box appears.
      # Select the Log On tab, and then select the Select this Account option.
      # Enter your user name and password, and then click OK.

      What username and password is it talking about?

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          madillo2006 Level 1
          Great. 'Official' dead forums!
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            Tom Benjamin Level 1
            I set up my RSS feed to publish to the web server with <TargetPath> set to C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\sitename.xml. Then I can use an RSS reader to connect to http://<servername>/sitename.xml.

            I'm still looking for a news reader that works well with this. Macromedia's Central Blog Reader just doesn't work well enough - I'd like to choose a 10 minutes refresh and have a notify option. FireFox's NewsFox extension just doesn't read the XML data well enough - dates are changed and entries don't appear in the right order. If anyone has a good suggestion I'd appreciate it.
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              madillo2006 Level 1
              So you have actually installed a web server on your machine and are hosting the site from there?

              What strikes me as really silly is that Contribute can't do the RSS feed directly - it's rediculous. You use Contribute to make all changes and it amends the rss file and can't just upload it while it's there?

              Doesn't make sense and the documentation is terrible. The best could get is the RSS to publish to a temp file and then I'd have to ftp is myself everytime I did an update.
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                Tom Benjamin Level 1
                Yes, I do have a web server (IIS) on the server running the CPS; it hosts a staging website. It's inside my firewall and I have complete access to it via Microsoft RDP.

                If you can FTP the XML file created by the RSS feed to yourself, could you not create a web page with the RSS feed embedded, or use a Firefox live bookmark? Do you only have access to the folder containing your website?
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                  madillo2006 Level 1
                  Ok I understand the set up you have which would work nicely.
                  You have installed CPS on the SERVER where you site is hosted.

                  I am just on a single home pc. My website is on a web server (linux, what else), accessible via FTP to upload files etc. What I thought would happed is that CPS on my local machine would use my settings in Contribute to auto ftp the server whenever I made a change.

                  I'm not prepared to run a web server on my machine (especially IIS! :D) just to upload an RSS file.

                  So does this mean CPS is only meant to be run on a Windows web server and not a local machine? It never gave me that impression!

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                    Tom Benjamin Level 1
                    Yeah, we have quite different setups (and I wish I didn't have to run IIS). CPS isn't meant just for Windows, it can run on Linux and Unix as well and according to the Adobe website any

                    standard J2EE application environment
                    . But as far as I know you can't get it to upload anything via FTP, unless you write your own web service to do that for you.

                    What platform are you on?