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    Deploying a CF app as WAR file

      I'd like to package an existing ColdFusion application as a WAR file and deploy it on a J2EE server. I've been trying to test this out locally without success. If you have a magic bullet, you're disco-superfly. If you just have a suggestion for further troubleshooting, you're still double cherry pie. Gruesome details follow... (Thanks!)

      I've got a developer version of MX7 running on Windows XP. I threw together a demo CF app, "SimpleApp". In the administrator, I go to "Packaging & Deployment" > "J2EE Archives (.ear/.war)" and create an archive (SimpleApp.war).

      I've tried this on both JRun and several versions of Tomcat without success. On each server, I have been able to deploy a WAR file from a previous project created straight from Java/JSP - just not the one created in the CF administrator.

      In the administrator, I "add" the web applications in the "J2EE Components" section and everything looks okay. When I browse to the webapp created in native Java/JSP, everything looks beautiful; but when I browse to I see a "403 Forbidden" error. Server log default-event.log is at: http://www.google.com/base_media?q=hand3802261193274630671&size=8

      Tomcat 4.1 running on J2SDK1.4.2_12:
      Native Java WAR deploys and runs fine.
      I copy SimpleApp.war to the Tomcat webapps\ folder and the archive is extracted successfully; but Tomcat fails to start the application.
      Server logs:
      localhost_log.2006-09-22.txt: http://www.google.com/base_media?q=hand-2475548630705385852&size=8
      stdout_20060922.log: http://www.google.com/base_media?q=hand-6363724281182167089&size=8
      I notice an error mentioning "Invalid <url-pattern> *.cfml/* in servlet mapping" so I go into the extracted webapp, comment out the Search Engine Safe URL mappings in web.xml and try again. Now get an error about not being able to find a configuration file flex-config.xml... Tomcat still can't start the webapp.
      Server logs:
      localhost_log.2006-09-22.txt: http://www.google.com/base_media?q=hand301238759104060090&size=8
      stdout_20060922.log: http://www.google.com/base_media?q=hand-8426419238544575272&size=8

      I heard that MX7 only works with Java versions through 1.4.2 and Tomcat has it's own compatibility requirements; but I thought I'd try other versions of Tomcat...

      Tomcat 5.5 running on JRE1.5.0_06 and bundled SDK:
      Native Java WAR deploys and runs fine.
      SimpleApp won't start (problems similar to above).

      Tomcat 5.5 running on JRE1.4.2_12 (with compatibility patch) and bundled SDK:
      Native Java WAR deploys and runs fine.
      SimpleApp won't start (problems similar to above).