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    Track mc name?


      Trying to track movieclip reference if mouse is clicked on the movieclip.

      I have created around 50 movieclip dynamically on my stage. Now what I want is to track movieclip name when they are clicked using mouse.

      Any guess would be a great help.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          you can define onPress handlers for you movieclips. that would be the usual easy way to accomplish your task.

          you could also use:

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            PushSax Level 1
            Hi Kglad,

            thanks for the reply but it does not solve my prob. Let me quickly explain in brief:

            I have 50 mc on stage which may increase upto 1000s instances. Another thing I dont want to write code for mc created as it does not suit requirement.

            Is there any way to use hitTest() or droptarget() using mouse click to track the mc on which mouse is pressed.

            Thanks for your help.