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    Drop Down and Dynamic nav

    Jane Shirley Level 1
      Can anyone point me toward good reference material? I'm looking for a good example of drop down nav bar (static site) and then a dynamically-created nav bar (have NO idea how to do this).

      Dreamweaver provides the "spry widgets" that offer a horizontal nav bar with dropdowns. Is this the best way to create a nav bar? How about using Fireworks or Flash?


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          There are TONS of scripts all over the net that help build them - some javascript based, some css, some a combination of both. There is no real right or wrong, but in all cases they have to work in all current web browsers on both Mac and PC (as well as Linux, etc.) so whichever you choose, be sure to test as much as possible.

          DW spry works pretty well on all counts - I've found it's a little limiting, but it does work on multiple platforms (for the most part), and as long as you keep it simple, it works fairly easily (and it auto-generates the menu, so you don't need to be a programmer to get it to work). ..

          BTW, Fireworks is just a program to create web optimized graphics, it's not for generating drop-down menus. Flash is another option, but if you have never used flash, I wouldn't recommend this as your option unless you have a year to build your site, there is far more to learn about flash before drop-down menus will come into play...
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            Jane Shirley Level 1
            OK - thanks. At least I can rule out fireworks and flash. I've found some scripts - that are css/html based. These seem to work.

            Appreciate the answer.