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    problem with action window gone :(


      I use flash 5, and up until now haven't had any troubles like this with it.
      I was trying a game tutorial for a simple 'guide the cursor thru a maze ' tutorial, and when i went to click 'actions' on the button symbol onstage, the action window is not coming up anymore
      and i have tried window>actions to no avail
      the arrow at the bottom right lights up like it is appearing, but i cannot find the window anymore.
      it usually appears right beside the symbol i am working on.

      I know this sounds stupid.. but i am now stuck in the middle of working on my project :(
      thanks in advance for any help..
      i just hope i wont have to uninstall and then reinstall the whole program :(

      i use windows xp home on an e machine if that may help.