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    The most efficient component to use

    W_Bell Level 1
      What would be the most efficient component to use for a one line piece of dynamic text?
      A Lable; TextInput or TextArea component?

      I would like to use the most suitable component for one line of dynamic text.
      Also the esiest component to style as I would like 3 sizes of text and to be able to change the backgrounds.

      I also tried using the custom declaration and not sure if this would be suitable or overkill:
      import mx.styles.CSSStyleDeclaration;
      var new_style:Object = new CSSStyleDeclaration();
      _global.styles.myLableStyle = new_style;
      new_style.setStyle("fontSize", 18);

      myText1.setStyle("styleName", "myLableStyle");

      When I use the setStyle it seems to work fine for my dynamic TextInput.
      Any info on these components would really be helpfull.

      Please see code is attached as a reference to what i want to do.
      Thank you.
      W Bell.