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    Would this scenario work better in AS 3.0?

    stratosnatcher Level 1
      I've got a component containing an array of bar objects (for a bar graph). Each object contains a MovieClip and some various properties. Each clip is little more than a colored rectangle, and I move these rectangles side-to-side and stretch them upways and sideways. And occasionally apply color transforms.

      Once there get to be a lot of bar objects (whether all are shown through the rectangular mask I'm using or not), animating these motions and scalings gets to be really slow and choppy. I tried turning the framerate down frome 40 to 12, but it's still having trouble keeping up.

      Would AS 3.0 improve the performance significantly? It is my understanding that there is a new class that lets you do these same animations with simple shapes, but without the overhead of a MovieClip. Not sure if that would help.