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    Display variable from file WITHOUT EDITING IT


      I was wondering how (or if it's possible) to display a variable declared in a separate swf file. eg. I have a game with a highscore variable called _level0.punteggio and I wan't to display that variable in a different flash file. I don't want to have to edit the original flash file with the variable I want to display. You see, I can't legally edit a .swf file that isn't mine and that I don't have permission to edit (and can't get permission for). I need a way to create a flash file that will call that certain variable I told you about and be able to do something with the variable without editing the file that holds it. Please, if you know anything about this, I encourage you to post a reply or even email me at ryanetjoel(at)wintallo(dot)com. If you don't know, ask someone else for me because chances are that any one of you knows way more people who know about actionscript than I do.

      Ryan et Joel