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    video connectivity prob

    andy4mediaX Level 1
      hi to all,
      here i am with one other problem

      one of my client who send news letter to the subscribers....
      news letter will have some upcoming events and other text matter +
      some video thumnails... if some on clicks on those thumbnails he
      should be taken on that perticular page containing that video
      [streaming video] and some text matter like title and description
      bout it below that other archives will be there [thumnails of
      videos] and if anyone click on it the that video should be played in
      the above player.

      so now my prob...
      the user is going to click on the link which will pass the name of
      the video file

      if i have swf fiel which will have flvplayer componant in it then
      how to connect it with the string passed by the link clicked by the

      hope i could explain correctly...

      i have one more query

      client want that he should be able to upload images and text
      matter and videos
      so is there any possibility that whatever maybe the format client
      uploads gets converted in .flv

      please help me on this