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    url Linking

      Hi guys im kinda stuck...i am trying to direct one flash website to another flash website on a click of a button...i can do the followoing action

      on (press) {


      but i need this lionk to be linked to a specific scene once it directs to that site....please give me an example of how i can acheive this..

      thank you guys..
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          Oo, Ok,
          I think you you need to use javascript/PHP or something like that to send a parameter to another page...


          in the SWF on dom.com
          you have in the embed tag

          when it loads you it 'll need to look for scene_label var
          so it loads, and checks the var scene_label which wil contain the scene id

          gotoAndPlay(scene_label, 1); // passed from the embed tag
          playing the scene given by scene_label frame 1

          the complex part is getting the parameter to this other domain...
          (i would not know how to do that now...)