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    Upgrade to Illustrator?

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      As a owner of Fireworks 8, I think it would be nice if we could buy an
      "upgrade" edition of Adobe Illustrator at a discounted price. It seems
      to me that $500 is a bit steep when I already paid Adobe for FW 8. It
      seems odd that Adobe is willing to give Corel Draw owners a discount but
      not their own customers.

      Also, i know this is not the place to report it, but what the heck.

      There's a bug on the web site. I tried to create an ID in order to
      download the trial version of Illustrator and I got a message that said
      my email address is already in use. Ok. So then I tried to use the
      "forgot id link" and when I entered my e-mail address, it reported that
      the address did not exist. I guess this might be happening because I'm
      originally a Macromedia customer. However, I did purchase the Studio 8
      upgrade from Adobe directly.