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    Loading Multiple variables from External Text file (html format)

      I've successfully managed to load multiple variables from a single external txt file. However, i can only load plain text successfully.

      My desired loading text is a series of variables, each containing a bulleted list (or alternatively on new lines). By using html script together with the "render txt as html" button, i am able to load the first variable successfully in the desired format. However, all other variables are simply displayed as text with the corresponding html code displayed as text also.

      This is quite a complicated problem, so here's an illustration....
      I have two buttons in my flash file. When you hover over the first button, i'd like the text to display:
      * option 1
      * option 2
      * option 3
      And when you hover over the second button, you get:
      * option 4
      * option 5

      However, the first button displays correctly:
      * option 1
      * option 2
      * option 3
      and yet the second messes up and displays everything
      <ul><li>option 4</li><li>option 5</li></ul>

      Source code
      Here's the source code i'm using:
      <p>Welcome to <B>this</B>, heres 2 bits of info <ul><li>option1</li><li>option2</li><li>option3</li></ul></p>
      <p>Midori</p><p><B>Hanah Silk</B></p><p>Glitter Wrap</p>

      Using simple text i'd previously managed to get the page to display correectly from my machine, but not when it went live. Consequently, i resorted to the html version, and thus now have this frustration.

      Please help!