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    Static text disappears under FPlayer 6 & 7


      After the export of my animation for Flash Player 6 from Flash Professional 8,some users told me they didn’t see any text in the SWF (I have all the screen shots).
      After some researche, I think that the problem comes from browser with Flash Player 6 and 7 installed.
      How is it possible as far I create and export for Flash Player 6. Moreover I don't have any error message in the Output window.
      I wonder if that can be linked to another problem that I observe when I open my fla (the same file) and that I export it through Ctrl + Enter. Most of the motion tween contained in my Movie Clips are no more there (there is a gap instead of the transitions) and I only see the keyframes.
      To solve this problem quickly, I am forced : 1) to transfer my MCs in another fla, 2) to export these flas and 3) to re-transfer these MCs in the original fla.

      Thanks for your comments.