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    Flash keeps crashing when I use the blur-tool

      As the message title says, my Flash program keeps crashing when I use the blur tool.

      I use Macromedia Flash 8.0 Professional. If I select anything I can blur and go down to the Properties-panel, choose Filters and select Blur - Flash will hang a few seconds before I get an errormessage which says that Flash 8 encountered a problem and need to be closed (translated to english) and the possibilities to get more info about the error:

      AppName: flash.exe AppVer: ModName: flash.exe
      ModVer: Offset: 001dc2b1

      I also get some technical information about the error, but it ain't possible to copy it and it's too much to type manually.

      Please, if anyone can help me out with this crash, if you know it exist any update patches I may be missing or anything ..scream out loudly xP

      Thanks in advance!