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    Re: Best fix for getting PNGs alpha to work in IE?

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      On 20 Sep 2006 05:56:53 -0700, john_aspinall@yahoo.co.uk in
      macromedia.fireworks wrote:


      >There is the obvious problem of lack of Alpha support on IE 5 & 6 but
      >this can be cured with javascript fixes.

      >One Ive found is Bob Osola JS fix, the problem with this relies on the
      >user having JS turned on and it doesnt work on PNGs used as a CSS image

      >Can anyone recomend another method(s)?

      >Ive heard that you can embedd some code in a CSS rule relating to
      >getting PNGs alpha to work but cant find anything on the net?

      How about this;
      < http://www.scss.com.au/family/andrew/webdesign/pngbehavior/>