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    Very Very Strange Problem

      I'm pretty good at action script, but this one is killing me, it's a stupid problem to have.

      I'm just gonna paste all my code, hope that's okay..

      Sometimes the variable "CurrentImages" gets set using this "CurrentImage = CurrentImage-(-1);" other times it gets set using this "CurrentImage = CurrentImage-1;" And very few times, it gets set using this "CurrentImage = this._name.toString().substring(4);"

      When the last method is used to set the CurrentImage variable, something strange happens to the if statement
      "if (CurrentImage<Data.n) {" it says it's false for numbers 5 to 9, and true of any other number that are less than Data.n.
      At this time, Data.n is 46, and 7 should be less than 46, it should be true, but it gives false... and I don't know why.

      If anyone could help me solve this, I will be very grateful