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    Editable CD ROM presentation


      I've been asked to create a CD ROM Presentation in Flash/Director which allows the user to select pages from the full version to re-package as a cut-down version that can be shown to target audiences.

      (They don't need to be able to edit text etc. on the slides themselves.)

      My first thought is to display the pages as thumbnails each with a 'select' button that would save page info. into some kind of list. A 'peview' would then draw from this list and let them check their presentation and saving would allow them to name and save the new version.

      My actionscript knowledge is quite basic so I'm not sure if this is a good approach or how to create the code.

      Thanks for any help

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          Yes this is possible, but you will need support of some third party tools
          and some custom solutions.

          We are can help you achieve this for the PC platform only.

          Please go to


          FlashJester Support Team
          e. - support@flashjester.com
          w. - http://www.flashjester.com

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            phil ashby Level 1
            You could build this without 3rd party s/w exactly as you say. If you have a list of available slides then as your user selects then, simply populate an array with their choices and if they want to save it, then store the array as a local shared object.

            Say the array was called slideList, you could save the data like this

            SO_myslidedata= SharedObject.getLocal("users_slidelist");
            SO_myslidedata.data.myslidelistdata= slideList;
            delete SO_myslidedata;

            and to get it back...

            SO_myslidedata= SharedObject.getLocal("users_slidelist");
            slideList= SO_myslidedata.data.myslidelistdata;

            If you had multiple presentations then just have an array that details them and replace the SharedObject.getLocal("users_slidelist") with SharedObject.getLocal("xxx") where xxx is a unique name/id for the pres.

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              tristram23 Level 1
              Thanks for your suggestion. I'm sorry but I think I will need to back track as I'm not sure how to set up the list or quite where to put the code that you have suggested.

              I have set up a test file with some of the basic elements in place which is at the ftp below.

              ftp file editablepresentation

              The username is ftp.flashforum
              The password is forum23

              If you could help me a bit further then I'd really appreciate it. The file shows a menu where you can view the full presentation or go into the edit mode. In edit there are a set of slide thumbnails acting as buttons to make the selection. When clicked I'd like to get them to change to the remove version and add their name to the list (clicking on the remove button would then remove their name and revert to the initial state. I guess ultimately they could be draggable so that by dragging one slide over another they would drop into the new position and the target slide plus all following slides would shift on by one position. I think I need to think a bit more about the save functionality as well. But one thing at a time!

              I hope this is ok and you can help me
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                phil ashby Level 1

                I can knock something up, but I cant post a link here as I'm behind a firewall that prohibits. Give me your email and I'll send something over.

                What Flash version are you using?