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    Need reccomendation

      I have a map of my state that is divided into counties. I would like the user to be able to mouse over any county and a list of names associated with that county would appear. From there if the user mouses over a particular name that name's info would appear. I have hundreds of names with info typed into an Access database. What do I need to do in Director to make this work? I've not done any projects with databases.

      thanks so much
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          duckets Level 1
          Depending on the amount of data, you could either use a database xtra (such as SQLite), or you could try exporting the data as a text format (for instance, tab separated values), and reading it into director as property lists.

          The mouseover function should be fairly simple, you will just need to use the 'mouseEnter' and 'mouseLeave' handlers, to set the text of your "names" text member.

          You can use the "linePosToLocV" property of a text cast member to help determine which line of your "names" text the mouse is over, which would then set the text of your "info" text member.

          hope this helps you on your way,

          - Ben

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            You can handle a few hundred name databawse with lingo, one trick I use
            for storing a database, internally or in an external file.

            Build a list based database up in a single hiarchial list variable,
            store a text version of it with

            member("storage").text = string(theDatabaseList)

            To convert back from text to a list

            theDatabaseList = value(member("storage").text)