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    Framework recommendations?

      Hi, I'm new to frameworks, but I think I understand the basic premise behind them. So, I basically need to pick one and start learning it, but I'm not sure which one to use. Fusebox? Model-Glue? Mach II? ... Fusebox has been around much longer, and sites as mainstream as myspace.com use it. But Model-Glue seem to have increasing popularity.

      Also, I have definite plans for Ajax in my application, so what ramifications do the various frameworks have on this? Do they preclude the use of cfajax?

      And finally, as I chose a framework and huncker down to learn it, do you have any recommended reading/tutorials/etc to help me get a firm grasp on everything? For example, I'm fairly competent with cfml, but I've never written a cfc before. I know frameworks use cfcs, so should I be studying everything about those first?

      Thanks for any wisdom...