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    windows vista with flex 2

      I have problems to install flex 2 with windows vista.. it stops when installing something in registry.. Have someone problems installing?

      I need a solution..

      Many thanks.
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          Hi. Have the same problem as evenh1974. does anyone know if it is possible to install flex at vista? if yes, how to do this
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            Yes you can.
            I am running Vista with Flex2. I think I just had to run the setup in compatability for XP SP2 mode. Or I had to explicitly specify to run as Administrator even if your profile is a local admin. Something like that; but it works fine now. No problems after the install (just like everything else in vista, the hardest part of getting something to work is getting it installed).
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              schjlatah Level 1
              I just checked on this because I've gotten a few messages about this.
              As I remember, you only need to tell the setup.exe installer to run in compatibility mode (properties >> compatibility >> compatibility for windows xp service pack 2).
              Also in that same properties tab there is a check box under the privilege level to Run as Administrator. Check that box. And as far as I can tell thats the only box that needs to be checked once the program is installed.
              Hope this helps / clears up any confusion.