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    JavaHelp and OracleHelp don't appear in SSL folder

    ezee_beee Level 1

      I presume that along with the other output files such as HTML Help, WebHelp, etc. JavaHelp and OracleHelp should also appear in the SSL folder of the Project pane. But these two deliverables don't appear in my version of RH. I use RH X5.0.2.

      Is this something related to buyer-specific need. Suppose we would have asked for RH without JavaHelp and OracleHelp. I am not sure. I asked the guys out here but even they are not sure.

      Pls suggest...
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          Right click on Single Source Layouts and create a new layout. What you want should be listed there.

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            Two things I can suggest if you're building JavaHelp, specifically JavaHelp 2.0:

            1. Make sure you have a JRE installed on your hard drive (we're using 1.4.2_04) Since you've already installed RH, you unfortunately need to reinstall it, then point it to the right folder.

            2. I strongly recommend suggesting to your development team that they NOT use the JEditor Pane method of calling JavaHelp from the Java application. Our development team is current using this older (buggy) method and because of it, some of the limitations in JH that Sun apparently fixed (such as not being able to link to an external URL or email) are still present.

            Let me know if you need any help with the JavaHelp stuff. I created a whole procedure on setting it up correctly so that our support staff can get it right every time they install RoboHelp for us.