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    Load Large Image


      I have jpg image with 6.5Mb, 6000px*4500px.

      I load the picture to "Image" control with the same size(6000*4500) and the "Image" control is in the "Panel" control in order to enable "Scrollbar" so user can navigate picture. However, when user browses flash file, memory increases 150MB.!!!!

      Is there any solution dor issue: huge picture with scrollbar for navigate?

      Thanks for any read and reply.

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          inlineblue Level 1
          The jpg file is compressed, which is why it's only 6.5MB. When you display an image, it must be uncompressed, so it takes a LOT of memory. The best approach is to just not load images that large. Break the image up into smaller parts and load the parts when needed. There's no automatic way to do this, so it'll require some work.
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            peterent Level 2
            The Flash Player has an image limit size of 2880 x 2880 pixels, so your image is way too large to show up. Strange things will happen to it.

            I encourage you to file an enhancement request to let the Flash Player team know that you need the Flash Player to accomodate large images.

            Adobe Feature Request and Bug Report Form
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              maheo Level 1

              Thanks alot!

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                leotemp Level 1
                While we are on the subjekt why is it so dificult to scale an image to a containers dimensions, cant the container dictate the size of an image within the container. whenever i try to get an image to scale to fit a container it only scales the image to the same dimensions of the image not the container leaving gaps. I tried using scale 9 but im using an image without repeatable borders so i just gets screwed when you do that. any ideas?