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    background image tiling

    stephan.k Level 1
      Dear List

      I would like to tile a little image across the background behind a flash movie. It's basically the same effect as creating a 100% width and height table and putting a background image into that table that tiles itself until it fills the entire browser size...

      My flash movie sits in the center of the screen and has a few transparent areas where I'd like to see the background tiling coming through. So I can't just put the tiling in the body tag and center the embed tag with the swf in it, because the swf has its own background, correct?

      Two ways of doing this I see right now:

      1) Using a transparent flash movie and doing the tiling in html. > Any experiences doing this? Are there browser and or actionscript issues with tranparent flash movies?

      2) Doing everything in flash, including the tiling... then i'd have to code something that keeps tiling the background even when the user stretches and shrinks the browser window.

      Any thoughts on these two sollutions or other sollutions appreciated.


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          Juankpro Level 2
          The first one is the easiest and I haven´t heard about any issues except that flash will comsume more resources and will play a little slower. The second one can also be done (repeating an image all the time with Flash 7 or older, or painting with a tiling image on Flash 8) even manually, or with some coding.
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            Juankpro Level 2
            Ah I was forgetting. The only issue might be the browsers that support that. I know any of the latest browsers support this completely but don't know about older ones. IE is the only one that supports it from IE 4.0.