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    Flash Player 9 crashes using AS3 Sound and SoundChannel

      I can cause FlashPlayer 9,0,16,0 to crash with a simple Actionscript 3.0 swf that plays an MP3 with Sound and SoundChannel, stops the play, and then restarts the play several minutes further into the file.

      The code is very simple. I've written it in Flash 9 Alpha, but this is a simplification of some code we've written using the lex 2 SDK. I can supply the .fla to Adobe if you'd like.

      See the code posted at the end of this posting (using "Attach Code"):

      A couple of key points:

      1. The sampling rate of the mp3 being played (example of above) must NOT be 44 kHz. I haven't been able to make it crash on 44 kHz sampling rates, but it will crash on a variety of other rates. There is otherwise nothing special about the .mp3 given above. I can cause crashes on a variety of other ones.

      2. The "seek" implied by the play should be several minutes, not just a few seconds.

      It does not seem to be an issue with incomplete progressive downloads. In our more complicated player the entire file downloads and we can still crash. Our more sophisticated player has a seek/progress bar. We noticed the crash in the first place while testing seek.

      The crash will crash the browser that is running the FlashPlayer (IE or Firefox). A projector will crash, and if I run the movie in Flash 9 Alpha, it will crash that. They are all invalid memory references, it appears.

      Any workaround suggestions would be appreciated. Right now this is a showstopper for us.

      (I've also submitted this as a bug at http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform.)