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    Localilzing Help Project in Russian

    Jo_West Level 1
      I have a Help project that I need to localize into 6 languages, 5 of which are supported by RoboHelp (Italian, Portuguese, German, Spanish and French). I also need to localize in Russian. I would appreciate any input as to how to go about this since Russian is currently not supported.

      I am using RoboHelp 2002 (yes, I know - old!).....but apparently x5 does not support Russian either. Any ideas?

      Thanks much,
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          Firstly, you should work on a Windows machine in Russian (wether it is a virtual system or not). A machine with multilingual compatibility might work, but I am not sure about that. Then you can work with Robohelp normally. Characters will not show correctly, but you can fix that later.

          Once you have compiled your project with Robohelp, you must open all the HTM files with a text editor (such as Ultraedit, editplus,etc...) to search an replace the charset in all files. You should replace 1252 with 1251 (which is the Charset for Russian and Bulgarian languages).

          Then you should use Microsoft's Html Help Workshop (availabe free at Microsoft's website) to do the final compilation with that. You don't need to make any other changes just open the project and compile. Your project in Russian will be ready after that. Of course, you can do everything with Htlm Help Workshop, but it does not have a wysiwyg editor, so you'd have to work on the code.