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    loading frames

      I have a flash file with 4 different points, each has a stop motion on the frame, for example frame 1, 10, 15 etc. I would like when the each web page loads it goes to separate frames. Like foods go to frame 10, drinks go to frame 15 etc. Can anyone help?
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          derobinson Level 1
          Am I understanding you that you have several different HTML pages calling the same SWF and you'd like the SWF to jump to a specific frame based on which HTML page is calling it?

          My frst thought would be why bother with the multiple HTML pages. just build the navigation in your Flash movie. But if you have a good reason...

          You can pass a variable into Flash from each HTML file and have script in Frame 1 of your movie that sends the timeline to the proper frame according to that variable.

          Either use a URL variable when calling the SWF (e.g. "mySWF.swf?myFrame=frameNumber"). Or you can use the Flashvars param in the object/embed code (search the Flash help on FlashVars). Either way, the name you give the variable will be available at the root level as soon as the movie loads. Write a series of iF statements that checks the value of the variable and acts accordingly.

          Hope that helps!