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    Flash 9 will not install on my mac

      Can someone help me? I have been trying to install Flash 9 on my mac (non-intel) and I keep getting this error message:
      It then tells me that I don't have enough "acess priveledges" whatever that means. Anyone else have this problem? I have read that the only fix is to re-install Tiger???? What, for Flash 9??? There has to be another way!!
      Please help,
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          Hi filmscorz. Got exactly the same s..t. Also tried the website download. It tells me I need the Intel version, and the stupid thing won't let me override it to tell it that it is a Power PC not an Intel. If I let it, it logs on and starts to dwonload teh wrong file. jaysus! I read the tech sheet o this, and it said to get a special downlaod, and use it to uninstall all previous Flash Players. Did that, now I've none! Can't see a damn thing anymore - not even the links on pages that tell me to upgrade Flash. What a f.....g disaster. Don't recommend that one to you. And I sure don't think you should re-install you OS.

          I do believe this Flash 9 is the worst crap as regards installaing that I have ever seen, and I have been using Mac since 1984! (and Adobe software much of that time). Not sure I can help you man, but you did ask if anyone else had the same problem. I've given up on trying to get any sense out of that stupid Adobe website - I just go around in circles. Phoning is no use either - 9 to 5 stuff. Christ, why do we always get this crap at weekends, and why is there never an intelligent human on teh other end of a phone to sort it out with. Don't these companies make enough money to have at least one open line at weekends?

          So I have taken the initiative or telling wesbsites that they ought to get rid of Flash 9 or they will get rid of me! Enough of us will have to cause a stink to get them to do something.