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      What im needing to do for a course im doing is to create a little movie, so im not looking for the answer as such, just for you to give me a few bits of advice, guidance etc.

      So i want to create a movie that has a series of small bars in which the height of these bars change randomly over a short amount of time. The screenshot should explain it a little better.


      So the bars have to change size randomly. But im not sure how to do it, would the correct way be to create a series of 'movie clips' and then create an instance name for them. Then using things such as for loops to allow the properties of the bars height to change?

      I hope that made sense, if not then i shall try and explain further.
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          each bar should be a movieclip with an instance name and registration point at the bottom. you could then use one onEnterFrame or setInterval() or frame loop to assign, for each movieclip, a random number of loops until there's a _yscale adjustment and the amount of that adjustment.

          once those have been assigned you would, for each movieclip, check if the required number of loops have executed and if so, adjust the _yscale to the desired amount and then reassign another random number of loops and random _yscale adjustment. continue to repeat the above for as long as desired.
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            derbys1 Level 1
            Hey again, im really struggling with this one, more so assigned the frame loop for the movie clips, im having a total mind block at the minute, and if you could help me further i'd be one happy chappy.
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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              here's an example: