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    Drag between trees problem

    Craig Grummitt Level 3
      i've set up two trees based on xml and i've been able to set up dragging nodes between the trees. i've automatically expanded every node on the tree on creationComplete and prevented the user from closing a node(by automatically expanding it again on itemClose).

      i've kept all the nodes expanded as this is the easiest setup for the user to understand dragging into folders(as there appears to be a flex restriction that you can't drag to a folder unless it's expanded).

      Anyway, here's the problem - when an element is dragged from one tree to the other, it enters the new tree as a closed node. it's ridiculous, but i can't work out how to open it! i need an event that occurs after the node enters the new tree. the dragDrop event seems to occur before the node is added to the tree.

      can anyone point me in the right direction?