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    Image Gallery, problems with Flash player 9 and Opera 9

    coldMiner Level 1
      Hi, I'm developing a slideshow in flash (and php, JavaScript, XML).
      I'm coding in classes and AS2.
      I use the ExternalInterface class to communicate between swf's and html.

      The problem is that the Slideshow won't work properly in the Opera browser,
      it seems like it's working fine, but after a few click it stop responding.
      No problems in IE and FF.
      I've search and search to find a solution to this problem with no luck.

      I've put up an example of the slideshow here:

      The strange thing is that when I use really simplified versions of the code
      I'm using (with no externalInterface etc) it is working fine:

      Anyone who have experienced similar problems, and can guide me to a solution.

      Opera version: 9.02 (8585)
      Flash player version: 9,0,16,0

      Thank you!

      ** Edit ->
      I found a solution, I replaced th ExternalInterface with the "Flash JavaScript Integration Kit",
      and all my problems with Opera was solved.