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    Flash FLV and Microsoft IIS Bug?

      I have run into a problem that may be a real problem for anyone relying on SWF files playing FLV files from Microsoft IIS servers. I have used this method of playing videos on a few of my clients sites and as of the last week or so these videos stopped playing! I know nothing changed with the videos so I was not sure what happend. As a spent countless hours trouble shooting this problem, I found that if I took the .SWF and FLV files off the server they were on and moved them to another server (non microsoft) they magically work again. At first I thought my hosting company had a problem with their IIS server but I checked three other servers (IIS) and they all have the same problem (all patched). Now I know these files played on all these servers in the last week or so. I even went as far as to check these file against a computer running XP with IIS turned on and running and the SWF file loads but will not play the FLV video. I even downloaded "flvplayer" to check this theory to make sure I didnt do something stupid with my SWF file. It appears that all my computers that have been patched using microsoft's update program over the last week or so are now broken. Is there anyone out there that can check my theory?