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    dynamic text in mc

      I am having trouble making my dynamic text show inside of a movie clips, but it works ok on the main stage
      I have a text document called "text.txt" and I am using a dynamic text box with the instance name "Icelandair" on the main stage. In the first frame I have the actionscript loadvariables("text.txt", "_root");
      This all works fine.

      In another area on the stage I am making a movie clip called "ICE_txt_mc". Inside the movie clip I am putting the same text as I had on the main stage. So its instance is still "Icelandair". I tried putting the same actionscript that I had used before in the first frame of the movie clip, but when I test the movie, in the dynamic text box it comes up as: _level0_ICE_txt_mc.Icelandair. Am I messing up the levels somehow?