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    Using Director for E-Learning

      Can someone please tell me the benefits of using Director for e-learning? Right now we're using a combination of Flash and Dreamweaver intigrated with our LMS and someone in a management position is certain that Director would be a better solution than Authorware. Any info would be greatly appreciated :)
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          tyree_2 Level 2
          Im not sure but it could have something to do with the large amount of file types that can be imported into director. There is some degree of truth to the name director. Since it is more for bringing in various different media and controlling it from director
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            Choosing which tool is better for any given job is a subjective
            decision. Flash, Director and Authorware can each be used to create rich
            eLearning applications. If you are working over the web, then Flash will
            create the smallest files, which can be an advantage. You will have to
            build most of the tools that you need from scratch. If you are used to
            working with Flash's interesting interface and unique object methods,
            then this may not be a problem at all. If you are starting from scratch,
            this may be an uphill battle. Director will also require you to build
            your toolset from scratch and if you are creating a program that will be
            distributed on CD or hard drive, it may be a better choice than Flash.
            Director's near infinite ability to incorporate media types and the rich
            set of Xtras that are available to enhance the product, make it a great
            tool of this sort of work. Authorware has a very robust toolset built
            in. It can incorporate most any type of media, including Director and
            Flash. It has a very good programming tool that will let you customize
            your content. Authorware works very well in the same environment as

            All of these will require you to have external editors for audio, video,
            text and data. The age of the product should not be a consideration.
            Each of these will be around for a long time. Authorware is a Windows
            only authoring product but can produce runtime files for Mac and
            Windows. Director and Flash are each cross platform authoring tools.

            You should probably choose the tool that will work best in the
            environment that you will be using for presentation. Are you
            distributing your content over the web or on CD, or both?

            You may also want to look into Flex.

            Rob Dillon
            Adobe Community Expert

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              gwennabeme Level 1
              ^^Thanks for all the info! Thats what I'm looking for! We are distributing our courses over the web.
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                Martin Schaefer Level 1

                Originally posted by: Rob Dillon
                Authorware ... It can incorporate most any type of media, including Director ...

                The support for Director inside Authorware is very limited.
                As Digital Movie icon, it's limited to Director 4.x up to Director 6.x
                Director 7.x or later can only be placed as Shockwave ActiveX control,
                which is not cross-platform and can result in quite a mess to handle.

                Martin Schaefer
                Adobe User Group Manager
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                  jhutchdublin Level 1
                  I would strongly suggest you look at Captivate for e-learning as well. This is really the job of Captivate to create e-learning. It easily plugs into LMS systems as well