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      Hello All,

      Using RoboHelp X5 to develop a WebHelp file. I am using a Frameset to create a glossary.
      Is there any way to remove the bar between the two topics within the Frameset. It simply looks to obvious that two topics are involoved.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Chris

          When you are editing the Frameset file, try DE-selecting the "Border" option for each frame.

          Cheers... Rick
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            joseph skelly
            I am currently researching online help glossaries. Is your frame-based glossary entirely in the Content panel or are you using the Navigation panel? If so, how?
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              CRO1 Level 1
              Hi Joseph,

              Here is what I did to create the glossary using a Frameset. Works for .CHM and WebHelp files.

              Two topics make-up the frameset. On the top of frame is GLetters. A-Z. Bottom of the frame is GTerms.
              Within GTerms are the letters with a bookmark beside each letter. Therefore, when the users clicks the letter in the GLetters Topic the corresponding entries appear.

              In GTerms add the glossary terms under the apporpriate letter.
              In GLetters you need to hyperlink each letter to the corresponding letter in GTerms (i.e, link to the bookmarks) When you create the hyperlinks make sure you select GTerms from the Display in Frame drop-down list.

              To create the Frameset, New>Frameset. Add the topics. Drag and Drop the Frameset into the TOC.
              Still have not resolved the issue of removing the space in the compiled version. I tried de-selecting the Borders check boxes in the frame set, but that did not work, minor annoyance which I live with.

              It is a bit of work, but well worth it.

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                joseph skelly Level 1
                I have previously done a glossary similar to yours, but what I would like to do now is list all glossary terms in the Navigation panel (similar to a TOC or Index) and have those terms link to definitions in the Content panel. With RoboHelp, it seems that if you want a glossary, it has to be RoboHelp's split-Navigation panel version or a custom-built one such as yours.

                The type of glossary I want - a full-Navigation panel list linking to definitions in the Content panel - can be done in JavaHelp, which permits you to add Navigation panel tabs to the standard TOC, Index & Search, but I would rather not deal with deploying a JavaHelp system in a non-Java app.

                Regarding your frame bar, I think this is a symptom of HTML rendering in general. For me the border is only about 1 pixel wide. When you check Border in RoboHelp's Frame Attributes dialog box, you are selecting the ability to specify border color, NOT whether or not the border actually appears. Your best be may be to match the border color to your page background color. You could also try to come up with a design that doesn't make the border look too obtrusive, like I did here: http://www.josephskelly.com/portfolio/ESymbols/SL_Home.htm
                Good luck!