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    problems with buttons inside mc?s

    Level 7

      I have made a drop down menu inside a MC, and the buttons in it won?t let me
      go to other Scene
      the code i?m using is

      on (release) {
      gotoAndStop("Scene 3", 2);

      Can anyone help me

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          Damon Edwards Level 3
          do you realize you have 3 open topics about this.
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            aniebel Level 2
            First of all, try avoid using Scenes at all cost. They are buggy. Instead, set your "scenes" as labled keyframes on your main timeline.

            Secondly, avoid putting code on buttons. There are several reasons why to avoid this. Check out David Stiller's article on his blog about this.

            So, you might want to do something like this instead...
            on frame one in a layer labled "actions" put:
            // assuming the button's instance name is "my_btn" and it is placed on the main timeline
            my_btn.onRelease = function(){
            //assuming the new frame label for your scene is "newScene"
            this._parent.gotoAndPlay("newScene");//this indicates the button and _parent indicates what the button is a child of.. the main timeline