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    Simple Memory Game


      I want to make a really simple Flash memory game. There is no need for score, level, time limit or stuff like that. Just a simple memory game with 16 cards what you turn and look for a match. Any one who know a good tutorial with fla source code?

      I have looked at this tutorial but i can't get this thing to work http://www.bleacheatingfreaks.com/science/memory/ :)

      Any help to get me started is appreciated
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          I've got a Flash memory version here: www.blurredgames.com

          If you like I'll send you the FLA file, but I have no tutorial for it... I
          have a Director based tutorial in my last Director book, but that's Lingo.
          If you'd like the .fla file let me know and I'll send it over. At the very
          least you could simply modify the assets and use it... there's even a timer
          and a high-score table...

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