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    Tables/Grids in Mac/OSX???

    SafariTECH Level 1
      As a developer, I have never been required to create any apps that run outside of Windows before.

      I now have a client that wants something built to run on OSX as well as Windows.

      We usually use Macromedia Director as the choice because it is cross-platform by design and we have never come across anything it cannot do compared to any other development platform.

      However, I have come across a puzzling discovery. There does not appear to be an Xtra that will create scrollable tables/grids in Director (that allows both text and images) for Mac/OSX!

      There are many options (and I have used many of them with great success) in Windows, but despite the fact that Director is cross-platform nobody has been successful in creating a smooth functioning grid of this nature for Mac/OSX ... in fact they (Xtra devs) clearly state they cannot create one for Mac/OSX

      So, I am hoping that somebody out there can explain what they are using with Director to create nice looking scrollable tables/grids that can contain both images and text for their projects in Mac/OSX? There has to be a way to do it, since I really can't see how many types of projects could be built without one.

      Thanks for any advice in advance.