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    Lingo Scripting

      Hi, I am having some trouble in saving the lingo script for creating a database in Lingo. It keeps mentioning, "missing operator". Has anyone created a database in Director before?
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          There are loads of ways to create a database in Director, and in order
          to give you a useful answer, we will need significantly more information
          about what you are trying to do and what you mean by database. If you
          mean you want to use property lists to simulate a database (a relatively
          easy and often-used thing), then I would recommend checking out the help
          files about property lists and looking at places like
          www.director-online.com or www.mediamacros.com for some pointers.

          If you mean you want an actual database file, then you will probably
          need an xtra, and which one you choose will be dependent upon what you
          are trying to accomplish. Does this database need to be on the local
          computer? Is it on a server? Do multiple people need to access it at
          the same time? A good list of all the database-related xtras can be
          found in the UpdateSgtae Mile-High List O'Products -

          Another important variable here is how much money are you willing to
          spend on this function? Most of the xtras are non-free. I believe the
          only free one is Valentin Schmidt's SQLite xtra which would require you
          to understand how to use SQL.

          I have had very good luck with Arca and Valentina. Valentina is
          particularly nice in that you can create a new database pretty easily
          and it is super fast and quite easy to use.
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            Luisa Klose Level 1

            It's looking for an arithmetic operator (*, /, +, -, =,) a comparison operator (<>, >, >=, <, <=,) a logical operator (and, not, or,) or a string operator (&, &&.)

            I created a database application that works with external casts. Check it out and let me know if you're interested in learning how it works.

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