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    Consuming Web Service Problem

      I'm having a problem from a long time ago, and I can't figure out how to solve it.

      I have a .NET object (PruebaEntidadAP) with the following properties:

      PruebaEntidadAP object:

      *ColPrueba as ObjItem() (an object item array of type ObjItem)

      ObjItem object:

      I also have a web service with the following web methods:

      *' Returns an object PruebaEntidadAP
      FetchPrueba() as PruebaEntidadAP

      *' Updates the PruebaEntidadAP object
      UpdatePrueba(pUsu as PruebaEntidadAP)

      From Flex, I consume the web service calling the FetchPrueba method, it returns an object of type PruebaEntidadAP. I get and show the object in Flex and I also can acces to all it's properties, I even show the array ColPrueba into a Grid without problem.

      Later I send this object using the web method UpdatePrueba to modify it, there is where I get this error:

      RPC Fault, "uknown propery: IDItem" faultCode="EncodingError".

      If I do the same with an object that doesn't have a property representing an object's array, I mean a simple object without ColPrueba, it works. The problem is with the complex objects or those whom have collections in it.

      The same web service I consume from .NET and Visual Fox without problem, only Flex is giving me errors.

      You can see the web service at:


      the WSDL:


      the application:

      (Wait 1 sec., then click on Menu->Preuba Fetch and Update)

      the code:


      Any idea on how to solve this problem?

      If you have any doubt, please ask me.