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    OS updates affecting SWF2EXE applications and CD-ROM market


      We've been developing software for the Windows CD-ROM market since 6
      years ago.

      When finishing a good product using DIRECTOR, we found that it leaked
      functions such simple filesystem access for raw read/write operations or
      windows registry manipulation. To be able to perform these operations we
      had to use third-party DLLs, i.e. "BUDDY API". Surprise: Our DIRECTOR-made
      CD-ROM applications *work* in Windows Vista RC versions with *no* major

      The problem comes here:

      We also develop *FLASH applications* and, when it comes to do a nice
      installation, save information to files or read the windows registry, we
      also had to go with third-parties, such:

      a) MDM -> Zinc. We've experienced critical problems with them that have
      forced us to seriously consider other options:

      - For example: we have thousands of already burnt and distributed
      CD-ROMs in which MDM-Zinc functions will just lockup or freeze the PC
      when certain antivirus are running. This have been fixed later by MDM,
      but you cannot update a CDs so, this has caused us a lot of troubles.

      - Zinc generated EXEs just don't run in Windows Vista RC versions
      (app just crashes) and they "will look into it once Vista goes gold"
      (sic). Other developers have already resolved some compatibility issues
      involving UAC and other things.

      - Mac OS X updates have been an issue too. Mac CD-ROMs with Zinc
      EXEs that worked on 10.3 stopped working on 10.4 and even minor update
      releases. We're not blaming just Zinc, but the problem is just there.

      b) Looking for alternatives, we found "Northcode" that works pretty well
      and seems to -natively- work more nicer in terms of the operating system
      and antivirus, BUT:

      - Northcode just doesn't run on Windows Vista RC versions, so we
      could find ourselves putting a CD-ROM in the market (now or in the
      future) that just suffers the same issues.

      - Northcode just doesn't run on MAC (leaks MAC version, as a contrast with Zinc)

      Is there or there will be a solution from Macromedia/Adobe for this?

      Have you faced the same problems and found a better solution that offer
      some more "guarantee"? Thank you sharing any feedback on this issue.

      We exactly would need:
      - Filesystem access (read/save files, drives information including
      serial numbers, etc)
      - Windows Registry access
      - Etc. (the usual)


      Cibal Multimedia