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    DataBinding update notification

    rmarp Level 1
      Folks - I am writing an MVC-based Flex application where my view (in this case a Tree component) is bound to my model (in this case an XML object). I am setting the data into the model's bindable property and the tree is showing the data. This is all fine. But what I want to do is expand the tree for the user when the data first appears. I've found that I can call tree.expandChildrenOf(rootNode, true) to accomplish this task but the problem if I can't find any events that are fired when the dataProvider changes. The tree is smart enough to realize when I've changed the model's XML and to reflect the changes in the tree but is there not an event that tells me this has happend so I can call expandChildrenOf?

      Does anybody have any other suggestions for how to accomplish this?

      Thank you in advance.