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    Can't View Results or Publish

    Nodya Level 1
      when I publish a HTML and FLASH file, I can't view the reults or the published file. The RoboHelp doesn't pop up in a explorer window when I push the "View the Results" button. What should I do?

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Nodya. I see you are also having poblems with displaying webhelp skins (see your other post). As there seem to be two problems of the same type I thought I cover them both here. These type of problems can be caused by a numer of different things. For example PC specification, whether the project is network/local based (it should be based on a hard drive although can be published to a network). Does the same behaviour occur when you publish your webhelp and open the help file manually? Does it also occur on other projects? If you provide us with some more information we can try and help further.