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    Can I have control Quicktime to play full screen?

      My QT player will allow me to choose a full-screen mode when I play movie clips. Is there a lingo method to make a QT movie scale to full screen like this?
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          Since a digital video file is playing a sprite space in Director, the
          visible part of the sprite can only be as large as the stage. If you
          resize a sprite to be larger than the dimensions of the stage, you will
          effectively mask the sprite with the stage.

          You can do one of two things. You can change the rect of the stage to be
          the same as the user monitor resolution. Then reposition and resize the
          dv sprite. Or, you can place the dv sprite in a MIAW and then set the
          MIAW to be any size that you like.

          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert

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            Mike Crisp Level 1

            Following Robs answer. I had been using Mpeg advance script (below) to force a video to go full screen. This worked great with MX however the effect seems to have changed with MX04.

            It now leaves a small gap at the bottom of the screen hiding the in built QT controls - Any ideas how to remedy this.

            Mpeg Advance Behaviour below (used in combination with Mpeg Advance Target behaviour)

            -- Mpeg Advance Xtra Full Screen behavior

            -- You are free to use, modify and redistribute this code with your Director projects

            property pFullScreenAtStart
            property pFullScreenOnClick
            property pIsFullScreen
            property pOriginalStageRect
            property pOriginalSpriteRect

            on mouseUp me
            if pFullScreenOnClick then
            end if

            on beginSprite me
            if pFullScreenAtStart then
            end if

            on toggleFullScreen me
            if not pIsFullScreen then
            pOriginalStageRect = (the stage).rect
            pOriginalSpriteRect = sprite(me.spritenum).rect.duplicate()
            (the stage).rect = the desktoprectlist[1]
            sprite(me.spritenum).rect = the desktoprectlist[1]
            pIsFullScreen = true

            (the stage).rect = pOriginalStageRect
            sprite(me.spritenum).rect = pOriginalSpriteRect
            --force the stage to redraw, necessary in MacOS Classic
            the stagecolor = the stagecolor
            pIsFullScreen = false

            end if

            on endsprite me
            if pIsFullScreen then
            end if

            on getPropertyDescriptionList
            set description = [:]
            addprop description, #pFullScreenAtStart, [#default: false, #format:#boolean, #comment: "Enable full screen at beginsprite:"]
            addprop description, #pFullScreenOnClick, [#default: true , #format:#boolean, #comment: "Toggle full screen on click:"]

            return description

            on getBehaviorDescription me
            return "Drag to video sprite to enable it to resize the stage and play in full screen mode." & RETURN & "PARAMETERS:" & RETURN & "• Enable full screen at beginsprite - When enabled the movie will go in full screen mode as soon as the video sprite is initialized" & RETURN & "• Toggle full screen on click - Determines if full screen mode will be enabled and disabled when the user clicks on the video sprite."