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    Search with alternate spellings

      Is there any way to set up RoboHelp's search to find words that have alternate spellings? Currently, if someone types "email" into our search engine, they will not get any results since we use the spelling "e-mail". How can we set up the search engine to accept both spellings?

      Also, is it also possible to accomodate other types of spelling issues, such as "garnishment" and "garnishee". Our product serves in an environment where one set of legislation refers, for example, to "garnishments", while another set of legislation refers to "garnishees". Our help uses "garnishment", and not everyone who is search for "garnishee" would think to try "garnishment" instead. Any suggestions?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum

          What you are looking for is a search engine that finds words that are not there!

          Your first requirement can, I think, be met using Zoom Search from Wrensoft. You disable RH's own search and add your own Search button that calls a topic which is the Zoom search page. That has an option to join letters when they are separated by certain characters which include hyphens. You can try before you buy.

          On the second requirement that is a bit harder. Really that requirement is the role of a good index. Is educating the users to search on part of a word feasible? If you did use Zoom, then you can write your own instructions to users.

          You can see Zoom on my site.