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    Mouse Movement control MC Timeline ?

      Well i have searched about everywhere to find an answer to this question, but to no avail. Here it is.

      Simply put, I have a movieclip that has 16 frames that contain bitmap images of a 360 view of a product. Lets call it mcProduct. What I would ideally have happen is to have the mouse "x" coordinates that when the mouse moves it plays through the mcProduct timeline.

      So starting from the middle of the stage, if you move your mouse right, it would move through the mcProduct timeline rotating the image to the right. And the opposite when you move the mouse left.

      I realize that the mcProduct would have to play the timeline in reverse at times. But i just cannot write a script to move through the MC's timeline.

      Please help! Feel free to email me or just post directly on the forum. I feel a solution to this could really help alot of people out.

      Thanks alot-

      Scott Verti