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    Question about Drag and Drop using DataGrid controls

    dimival Level 1
      I am using two DataGrids, each one has a different type of object so as you can imagine when you drag and drop one into another it causes an error cause the objects are not the same.
      I already managed to make this work, on the dragDrop event, i stop the event's default behavior by using the preventDefault( ) method, this way i can manually convert one object into another and then add it to the target DataGrid.
      The problem is that because i prevented the event's default behavior the target DataGrid remains highlighted all the time (focus remains on it), so what i need to do after my manual object conversion is to restore the DataGrid to its normal state, which is what the event's default behavior would have done.

      So any ideas of how to do this? restore the DataGrid to its normal state? or maybe restoring an event so it can continue its default behavior?